Img_8472-300x200.jpg_storm_cloud_zapper Sauerkraut-Storm Cloud Zapper, 24 oz.
Grower: CSA Farmers Market
Price: $9.75 ( 24 oz (Refrigerated))
%> Available (Exact): 3

Storm Cloud Zapper Sauerkraut by The Brinery, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Living,raw and unpasturized fermented food. Green cabbage,beets, water, ginger root and sea salt. Must be kept refrigerated and has a 12 month shelf life. Three out of the five farms they use are certified organic. The remaining 2 farms are not certified but farm using organic principles. Here is a list of the farms: •Tantre Farm (certified organic) •MSU student farm (certified organic) •Wayward Seed Farm (certified organic) •Pretziger Family Farm (not certified , organic principles) •Gary Mazzio/Tilian Farm (non certified, organic principles)