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July 28, 2016

Growing Season Update July 28, 16

Another Long Dry Spell for our Farmers, it has been a couple of weeks since Laws, White Pine Farm and some other farms have had rain. Sweet Corn is stunted and other crops are stunted. Time to pull out the catalogs and look at irrigation.

Apples will be coming soon. Within the next couple of weeks you should see some apples on the website. The early summer apples need to be refrigerated as they do not keep as long as the hardier fall apples.

Sweet Corn is out from near the Saginaw Bay Area, The Saginaw Bay area on average gets 4 more inches of rain as compared to the Thumb area. Dennis Engelhard grows the organic sweet corn, so while the participating farmers (ones who help make the market operate) have no corn Dennis came through.

Fresh Blueberries the Law family has been picking from a small orchard locally who does not use any chemicals and grow organically.

Now Accepting Credit Cards

We are finally accepting credit card payment, but only over the phone. If you would like to pay your invoice with a credit card please call us at 810-688-7442.

Open Air Farmers Markets

Visit us at the Rochester Farmers Market on Saturday, between 8am to 1pm and Law farm is at the Lapeer Farmers Market between 9am to 3pm.