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News Oct 1, 2016


Are you missing our Almar Orchards fresh organic apples? Well, some people regard our cider as the best they have EVER had because of the fabulous apples it’s made from! Simply put, we choose only the best apples to go into our apple cider. There will not be any ground-picked apples in our batches of cider – the pigs get those. The trained professionals at our Almar Orchards pick all the apples, beginning in July and going strong until just before a freeze, around Halloween. Then, the 16-bushel bins are stored at very specific temperature and humidity settings in our giant walk in storage coolers. When they have been properly seasoned, they are hand sorted, although we may run them on the sorting machine for a preliminary grading. The prettiest apples are sold in our store and in our partner establishments, like CSA Farmer’s Market. The apples that have more than a blemish or two are sent to the juice bin and then ground and squeezed.

Here is a great article stating some health benefits of apple cider:

Apple Cider Article

Lettuce Loves The cooler Temperatures

YES—Dale from White Pine Farm grows some wonderful lettuce. When the weather turned super hot this last summer for a long time it made the lettuce bolt and become bitter, so the ground was reworked and eventually new lettuce was planted. Again NOW there is wonderful lettuce on the website.

Growing Season Update Aug 25, 16

YES!!! Rain and cooler temperatures. It is too late for many of the crops, although others it will benefit. For some extremely hot and dry crops they were overly thirsty and drank too much so they sometimes can explode overnight. Kind of like us humans when we have been out in the heat too long we drench ourselves drinking so much water we get a belly ache. We are very glad the heat wave is over with and some growers had to plow under there failed crops to start preparing the ground for other crops.

Lettuce loves the cooler weather so you should be able to have some lettuce soon. When the heat wave hit the lettuce became bitter.

Sweet Potatoes are looking good, they like the heat.

THANKS for your patience and understanding!!

Please at all times let us know if there are any problems with your order or produce. We want to fix, fix, fix. We are motivated to give you the best Michigan Organic Grown Product possible. Even if they are totally beautiful when they leave here things can happen and we need to know so we can correct the problem.


We will be sending a small follow up survey from now on to all customers who have picked up their orders. It is a quick survey asking if there were any problems with the order.
We did it for the first time this week and were pleasantly surprised to get so much positive feed back we also a couple of comments from customers that alerted us to some problem areas in which we promptly fixed.

Thanks to all those that replied.——It is greatly appreciated!!

Now Accepting Credit Cards

We are finally accepting credit card payment, but only over the phone. If you would like to pay your invoice with a credit card please call us at 810-688-7442.