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GROWING Season Update

Growing Season Jan 2017

Plants are hunkering down, not willing to grow just yet.
During January there is not enough heat and sunlight for them to grow.
Right about the middle of February the day length, the sunshine and the warmth is enough to kick start them back into growing.
Right now farmers are ordering their seeds or plants and planning for their new plantings.

The Topaz Apple

It’s a known fact that some babies and toddlers like to bite. Thankfully, that’s a phase they grow out of! Some people, however, like their food to bite them back and they never grow out of that. Many people enjoy a flavorful Topaz apple because it has enough flavor to pack a bit of a punch, without being acidic. This spicy apple isn’t a beauty queen by any means, but it’s flavor makes up for that small deficit in spades. It is a crisp and complex eating apple but also cooks well. (We’ve made some fabulous apple crisp with Topaz!) Read more about Topaz, here