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Young Chickens First Tomato

Garden produce that is not fit to sell is often food for the chickens. They are often fussy eaters and will snub their beaks to some things and devour others. Some of the younger chickens have not yet learned to fully appreciate tomatoes. They can be big red and they roll.
As I walk by the young chickens they all get excited and run along their movable pens waiting for me to throw something to them. Last week they got tomatoes for the first time. They ran to the tomatoes that splashed and dug right in. Not all the tomatoes smashed, some of them rolled a little. They still ran to those ones and took a bite. When they bit the round tomato, it rolled back at them as in self defense. The young chickens JUMPED HIGH and ran. With hesitation they attacked the tomato again, ran away from the tomato again until the tomato tired and stopped rolling.
When they won the attack they fully devoured the tomatoes.

Marian Listwak, White Pine Farm