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Farming this year has been rough for those that live in Lapeer and Genesee County. The intense heat and the lack of rain has created havoc. I truly have learned greater appreciation for the farms out West, that the last few years have experienced extreme drought.
Michigan’s west coast, Saginaw Bay and some other areas in Michigan historically get more rainfall than the farms in our area. Even though we would much rather be selling our own corn which unfortunately did not make it a Saginaw Bay Organic Farm (Englehard) is harvesting his sweet corn for us.
Here is a letter we received thanking us for this.

Hi, Marian,
Just wanted to say that your efforts to find another sweet corn supplier are very much appreciated – the corn was great! I picked up my order late on a Friday, didn’t store them very well other than throwing them in the refrig, and didn’t get to roast the ears until late Sunday. I expected the kernels to be soft and lacking in flavor. To my surprise, they were still sweet and crisp-fresh! We had gone to another corn roast (but boiled) on Friday, with corn from another local farmer. The ears looked great, but the flavor wasn’t quite there; it paled in comparison to your supplier’s!
Thanks again! For the best stuff!
Pat Gall

Cucumber Problems also occurred this year, under normal weather conditions short stays in the walk in cooler have not been a problem, this year the drastic temperature change created condensation on the cucumbers causing them an earlier demise.
We have since remedied the problem and given credit to many customer.
In the mass emails that went out asking for feedback we also heard good things.
My cucumber was perfect! Deb
The cukes I received were perfect and tasty No complaints here. Thx Dale Mike
We are grateful to a customer who brought this to our attention the cucumber problem. Cukes sales went down somewhat after our experience and Because of this we are now pursuing a license through MDA to can product so we can now preserve and sell the excess over the full year.
Milk from Hilhof!!! Does not like getting over 50 degrees and we are sticklers to make sure that it doesn’t although accidents do happen and not all customers are aware of the temperature. In an email sent to all who ever bought the milk we also received some nice feedback.

I have their cream and love it! Martha
I opened a bottle of ours and it is perfect. Pamela
My milk has been good!!! Tina
I ordered milk from Hilhof one time a few weeks ago. It was good. It lasted at least two weeks. Alicia
I love the milk & cream! No problems with spoilage here. Thanks Barb
The milk I’ve gotten from Hilhoff has always been wonderful. Karen
I’m always impressed with how long the milk lasts in our refrigerator. Amy
We fairly regularly buy your wonderful organic chocolate milk. My spouse puts a generous amount in his morning coffee,so very decadent. Every quart has been fresh and sometimes lasts almost two weeks. So, not only do we have no complaints, we do have loads of kudos to offer the farmers who provide this delicious treat. Many thanks Donna

We love all feedback!!! Good and bad!!!
The sooner we hear that there is a problem the sooner we can rectify it, so all feedback is important to us.
By your supporting CSA Farmers Market you are helping to preserves thousands of acres of farmland in Michigan that are in organic production. By giving us feedback you are helping us to improve.
We love the partnership and the relationship we develop with our customers and all customers are welcome to visit the farms.
When we do not hear from a regular customer we worry. Sometimes the system kicks them off because of internet email problems which we have very little control over (although we will be working to rectify that) and sometimes they have moved, or become ill. We also worry that they may be unhappy with us.
Please everyone stay in touch with us, we are very busy farming getting very little sleep while trying to keep up and we never want to neglect anyone, there just isn’t always enough hours in the day.