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USDA Certified Organic

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*Whetham Organic Farm in Flushing township (Genesee County) has been certified organic for over 20 years. We are currently certified by Organic Crop Improvement Association.

We grow vegetables as well as organic soybeans, spelt and clover seed. We have a CSA serving Genesee county only. Shareholders have several options size and pick up options

Nutrient dense vegetables are our goal. Towards that end we do regular soil tests and fertilize with minerals and compost. Minerals are the key to vegetables that are flavor and nutrient rich.

We also aim to use fewer resources overall. We manage weeds mostly by hand, using machine tillage sparingly during the growing season. We use NO PLASTIC MULCH because we have no means to recycle it locally. We are also phasing out our use of plastic packs and pots.

We grow almost all of the plants for our gardens in our hoophouse, using soil blocks as much as possible. Plants destined for sale or give-away are sometimes in re-used pots but we are increasingly using ‘paper pots’ or peat pots for those.

More than 90% of the seeds we use, both in the hoophouse and in the field, are certified organic. A few hybrids are grown but most are open pollinated. We grow some heirloom varieties also.

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